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Whether you intend to show your work to an agent, submit it directly to a publisher, or publish it yourself, we can help get your manuscript into shape before you take that next step. Chris and Jim will accept a limited number of clients based on their own availability and on their personal evaluation of a ten-page writing sample. We only take on materials that we feel have the potential to progress to the next level. Chris and Jim are also available for consultation regarding writing-and-publishing-related issues.

Please contact RCWJulie@gmail.com for information about pricing and availability.



"I've had the pleasure of working with Chris several times, and he's always proved an excellent editor. He's perceptive, insightful, and has the ability to spot the flab in any piece of prose and make it as lean, clean and concise as you wish you'd made it yourself. He's ruthless, but he's also sympathetic, and even gentle. Not only is he a writer's writer, he's a writer's editor too."

-- Mark Morris

"Christopher Golden is a conscious craftsman. There's no guesswork about his books, and they are inevitably sound, well-researched, and have strong characterization and dialogue. You couldn't do better for an editor."

-- Charlaine Harris

"I started out in comics so I really didn't know all that much about how a novel was written. I knew I could probably do it, but I didn't have all the tools yet. Christopher Golden provided me with those tools. Sure, he's my best friend, but he's also one of the most knowledgeable writers that I've ever encountered. Plotting, character development, outlining, and even the business of publishing itself, there wasn't anything that he didn't seem to know at least something about. Christopher Golden provided me with the tools that I needed to write a novel, and I believe he made me a better writer as well."

-- Thomas E. Sniegoski

"Chris has edited me on a couple of Hellboy novels as well as several short stories. Having a professional writer of his caliber editing your work means there's already a good level of trust established -- but above and beyond that, his insightful observations, feel for story, and his eye for detail makes working with him as an editor a real pleasure."

-- Tim Lebbon

"I like to say that I attended Chris Golden University when Chris and I co-wrote The Ghost of Albion books. I had never written long-form prose before and it was under Chris's tutelage that I learned how to craft and edit a thoughtful and compelling story within that framework. Plus, Chris is just one of the best guys around - smart, thoughtful and easy to work with."

-- Amber Benson

"Christopher Golden's knowledge of the industry, his skills as a writer, and his keen eye for detail, has made him one of the most highly regarded authors and editors working in genre fiction. To date I've had the good fortune of having stories in two of the many anthologies Chris has edited, The Monster's Corner and 21st Century Dead. Chris also line-edited and advised on my first novel Hannahwhere, which won The Drunken Druid Award in Ireland for excellence in a novel, and was a nominee for the Bram Stoker Award for first novel, two distinctions I would likely not have realized without his services."

-- John McIlveen


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